Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10,000 Steps TEN THOUSAND STEPS 10K Steps

So how far do you think 10,000 steps is?  Personally, I did not care about steps until Christmas morning when I opened my fun new gift from the hubs, a Garmin Vivofit  

Here she is!  My new permanent bracelet.  Funny how this little thing makes me hit my 10,000 step goal per day.  Well done hubs, well done.  You know I love a challenge and I set a certain goal this year that will be achieved with the help of this.  I LOVE IT!  ( talk to me in a few weeks when I hate 10,000 steps)  You can choose any amount of steps per day, I have decided that 10,000 is the number for me.  It's hard to hit if I don't take a walk so that makes me hit the pavement or sand because my walk can be 5,000 steps or more.

I see people wearing similar fitness bands made by Fitbit.  The hubs said he researched all the bands and he liked the Garmin because of the features it had and the cost.  My Garmin cost around $130.00 and it shows me the date, time, steps achieved, steps to my goal, calories burned, miles completed, lights up at night and goes into sleep mode at night.  The Fitbit is similar in price but does not show you anything, you need to log online.  The Fibit that does show all these features runs around $ 250.00.  

Calories Burned  -  The red line means I have been sitting too long ( working on the computer)

I am lucky to get one for Christmas but if you want to get one online I suggest going through Ebates.   Simply sign up for Ebates and when you shop online and get cash back.  Hello? Sign up people, it's a total win.  Why would you shop online and not go through Ebates  ?????  Get cash back to shop.  It's SIMPLE!  AND, right now when you click on the Ebates link that I have now typed 4 times, you get a $10.00 bonus!
( PS. I am working on my Coupon Blog Post for the weekend....get those scissors ready....)

Another way to log your steps is through your smart phone.  The apps available for health and fitness are endless.  Find one that will work with you and track your steps:) Simply keep it in your pocket while on a walk or jog and or  all day.  You will be amazed how many steps it takes to clean the house or do 1 hr of clean up and laundry.

Total Miles

ANYWAY, every night I log my daily activity.  I did download the app on my iphone, but I still love paper and pen.  I write in my 2015 planner.  This way I can look back and see the days I kicked ass and the days I was a slouch on the couch.
At the end of the month I will post my total steps starting today.  Join me! At the end of the month I will have a survey to fill out where you can log your activity.  The person with the most steps will receive a gift basket of my LaFrance Luxury Bath Soaks/Sugar Scrubs.  Start tracking those steps and be a healthier you.  AND it will jump start that diet or weight loss goal you might have set for yourself:) 

Keep up the good work! 

Does anyone think this star fruit looks creepy?  I Do! AND it reminds me of Star on the Goodnight show ( some of you will know what I am talking about) If you have not tried Passion Fruit I suggest you do. It is so yum, good for you AND it is sooooo fragrant, my kitchen smells amazing:)

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"SHOUT OUT" My gold bracelet in the photos was made by Lexi Lynch.  She lives on the amazing and beautiful Cuttyhunk Island.  I get compliments every single day on it.  She makes them to order so if anyone is interested, let me know! This is Cuttyhunk...Now she is one lucky lady:)

Good night all!
Don't forget to take 20 minutes for you.  Just you.  Alone.

PS.  Thank you all for the positive feed back:) I love all the messages, emails and texts sent to me about my new blog.  It means the world to me and I hope you all continue to enjoy it!